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2014-2015 ACA Membership Registration Now Open!

ACA membership registrations are now being accepted for 2014-2015!  ACA is piloting a new registration system to make it easier for schools, clubs, and associate members to submit their information. The new system has two steps:

Step 1: Click here to access the Excel file that allows clubs and schools to copy and paste team infrmation from their own systems directly into the registration spreadsheet.  

Step 2: Click here to access the weblink to the online registration system.  This link connects to a registration system where the team information collected in Step 1 can be uploaded, insurance purchased, and payment information accessed.

Need some assistance?  ACA has prepared a step-by-step guide to the registration process.  This guide can be accessed by clicking here.


ACA Mission Statement

The ACA is dedicated to promoting, fostering, and regulating cheerleading across Alberta for the betterment of its membership. The ACA encourages sportsmanship, respect, and integrity; and regulates the rules, safety guidelines, and training of athletes, coaches, judges, and member programs.


 ACA thanks Alberta Sport Connection for their funding and support. Their contributions assist ACA to achieve its goals!


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