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Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 15

2015 ACA Cheerleading Championships at


Friday, March 6, 2015 to Sunday, March 8, 2015

Registration information and team access and spectator ticket information is now available.

Volunteer Grant Opportunity: The Alberta Cheerleading Association is looking for up to three schools or clubs to provide the volunteer support needed to successfully execute the 2015 ACA Cheerleading Championships at West Edmonton Mall.

For more information about ACA's volunteer grant requirements and application procedure, click here.

The deadline for submitting interest in the volunteer grant opportunity is December 15, 2014.


ACA Mission Statement

The ACA is dedicated to promoting, fostering, and regulating cheerleading across Alberta for the betterment of its membership. The ACA encourages sportsmanship, respect, and integrity; and regulates the rules, safety guidelines, and training of athletes, coaches, judges, and member programs.


 ACA thanks Alberta Sport Connection for their funding and support. Their contributions assist ACA to achieve its goals!


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